[About Dewa -sanzan(出羽三山),three sacred mountains of Dewa area]


(the approach to the top of Mt.Haguro:about2km road,2446 stone steps and old sedar trees)


“Dewa” is the former name of Yamagata prefecture(山形県). In the middle of Dewa area, there are three sacred mountains,Mt.HAGURO(羽黒山),Mt.GASSAN(月山),and Mt.YUDONO.We call them collectively "DEWA-SANZAN(出羽三山)".

People has made pilgrimage for over 1400 years to Dewa-sanzan to pray  the gods and Buddhist deities,pray for the souls of the dead,to make their mind and body stronger,and to renew their own lives.

S100s100img_0576(Sanjin-Gousaiden(三神合祭殿):The main shrine on the top of Haguro.The gods of three mountains of Dewa are enshrined here.)

[About Shojin-Ryori(精進料理) of Dewa-sanzan]

The pilgrims to Dewa-sanzan usually stay at Shyukubo(宿坊),temple or shrine inn,and